2021 Limited Edition Holiday Card, “A Holiday Totem”


My 2021 Holiday card Is dedicated to all those who see to the well-being of the children in Anchorage .

      Reflecting on my childhood years, I would say I had a pretty normal life as a kid. My family was composed of nine children, and a set of wonderful parents who raised us with the best care possible, all on a blue collar income.  We had chores to do, and basic rules to follow. While we didn’t have some of the luxuries of other families, there was always food on the table, lots of family activities to keep us busy, someone to comfort us when we needed it, and a warm safe place to sleep when the day was over.  I took it for granted that all kids had what I had, and maybe even more.  I know now that this was not the case back then, nor is it today. It seems inconceivable to me that in this wonderful, bountiful country of ours, there are children with no food to eat and no safe place to sleep.

      My deepest admiration goes to the people who care for our littlest citizens today.   Thank you for giving your time, talent, and resources to being the part of the village that raises a child.

25% of the sale of this card will be donated to the Children’s Lunchbox,  an Anchorage nonprofit that sees to it that any child that needs a nourishing meal gets one. ( Donation has already been made for these cards.)

Limited edition of 150 pkgs of 10   

 10  4”x 9” blank cards /w white env. in each pkg

Printed by Color Art, Inc. Anchorage, AK

Suggested verse included in package

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