Just in Time for the Holidays! November 20 2013, 0 Comments

   As I mentioned before, I will be adding a few more items as the weeks go by, and this seemed the right time to add some of my holiday ornament collection.

 Back in 2008, my cohorts at Taku Graphics in Juneau invited me to create a design for their collection of Alaskan artists'  holiday ornaments. I was skeptical of their appeal because they weren't a fancy ceramic disk, but rather a masonite material. Boy was I wrong! Customers liked the fact that they were a bit of Alaska that could be easily added to a card and mailed anywhere safely. In fact, they were so successful at my bazaars that I decided to create one design a year, hand signing and dating each one. I am on my 6th year now, and must admit I enjoy coming up with a unique piece of art for these little gems every year. 

  In order to make the ornaments more cost effective shipping wise ( who would pay $6 shipping for a $6 purchase?) , I have grouped them into two 3Packs, dropping the price to $5 per ornament ($6 reg) for a total of $15 for the package. One pack features a light hearted look at the holiday season; the other is a bit more religious in theme. 

Here's a happy, and meaningful holiday season ahead! ( s'cuse me now, I gotta get to baking for that Thanksgiving feast that is right around the corner),

Cindy Pen...