Dancing in Your Underwear December 19 2013, 1 Comment

     Well, my busy season of bazaars and shows has come to an end for 2013. There were shows with weather challenges, lots of hauling totes filled with merchandise, lighting and things to make a space look inviting. There were also countless hours of chatting with customers, interspersed with surprise visits with old friends and former students. While I am breathing a sigh of relief that another successful season has been accomplished, I'm also a bit sad to see it go. Its sort of like that feeling you get when a favorite house guest leaves; sorry to see them go, but relieved that you can once again dance around the house in your underwear if you wish! 

   Please remember that my products are still available on line if you received gifts of cash that are burning a hole in your pocket. After the holidays I will be adding some of my original watercolors to the lineup of products. While original artwork is initially more expensive than limited edition prints, in the long run they are a better investment.

And now its time for me to write out those Christmas cards, wrap some presents, make this ol' house smell like Christmas by baking some cookies. I wish you all the best holiday ever- and may God bless us, everyone!