The Pirates of Kachemak Bay


From the team that brought you the out-of-this-world book “Greetings Earthling! Zipper’s Alaska Adventure,” comes a new story about the Great Land.

“The Pirates of Kachemak Bay” is about a boy who dreams of being a pirate, but has the gallantry to be his little sister’s protector in a time of need. It’s a charming little tale of fun, fantasy and some factual information about living on Alaska’s coast in the beautiful town of Homer. Included is a glossary of terms, identifying some of the local sea life illustrated throughout the story.

Written by Amy-Murrell Haunold

With Illustrations by Cindy Murrell Pendleton (Yes, We're sisters!)

ages 4-9

Softbound, 22 pages, full color illustrations


Semi-Finalist in the state of Alaska's, "Battle of the Books" 2012


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