Greetings, Earthling - Zipper's Alaska Adventure


 Its the first and (so far) only Children's Sci-Fi book about Alaska!


      Greetings, Earthling, Zipper’s Alaska Adventure, brings Zipper, the alien spaceboarder face to face with some of Alaska’s animals. He isn’t supposed to be on Earth, but when an unexpected trip lands Zipper there, he politely greets everyone he meets. However, he soon discovers why he’s not supposed to bother the Earthlings!

Written by Amy Murrell-Haunold

With Illustrations by Cindy Murrell Pendleton (Yes, we're sisters!)

Ages 5-9

Softbound, 32 pages, full color

Included is a glossary of Alaska animals featured in the story 


Finalist in The state of Alaska's , "Battle of the Books" 2007

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