Alaska, Pretty In Pink Cards


    It's time to once again embrace the winter here in the northern corner of the USA. Yes, it's cold, and, yes, the nights are long. On the plus side, the short clear, days are spectacular with a color palette we call Alpenglow - pinks, lavenders and hints of golden sunlight. Now, you can it share with friends and family far away, with my new series, " Pretty in Pink". These are lovely cards with just enough room inside for a short "Hi, how are you?". ( After all, doesn't everyone like a piece of mail that isn't a bill, an ad, or request for a donation....?)

4 Different images from original watercolors by Cindy Pendleton

 4 5" x 7" cards w/envelopes

Blank Inside

Printed on quality paper in Anchorage, AK  by one of Alaska’s best printers,   Color Art Printing


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